Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today we are featuring Britt & Luke’s best day ever! And boy, was it a beautiful September day at Century Barn in Cavan, ON. “We had the MOST PERFECT wedding. I’m sure everyone says that but there’s not a single thing we would have changed about the entire day, except that we would have loved to keep dancing until the end of time. We never felt rushed and truly had the ability to really take in every moment as it was happening. Best day ever,” real bride Britt shared.

Britt purchased her THEIA gown from The Modern Bride. We were touched by her story of choosing our Lenni gown, we just had to share… “I’ve spent most of my life in a hate relationship with my body. To be very honest, I was DREADING the big show that is trying on wedding dresses. I was supposed to be elated, catered to, and relishing in every moment every person’s eyes were on me. Instead I was having panic attacks in the car on the way to stores; I was clenching my teeth behind the doors of dressing rooms to keep tears from coming, utterly disappointed if not angry that I had to do this.
From the second I stepped into Modern Bride, I felt a shift. Excitement? Maybe. The sheer beauty of the place, the exclusive feeling, and the completely private room made me able to exhale a bit, and it wasn’t long before I leaned into the search completely. The staff were incredible, knowledgeable, and knew exactly what to say. When my consultant Sierra asked me what styles I was interested in, I remember saying “I’m willing to try anything. I would be into something really simple and flowy and plain. But I could also go for like, a completely sequined dress.” Minutes later I was pulling a fully sequined dress out of the dress loft upstairs. I didn’t expect the dress to be a contender, I just thought it would be a lot of fun to try on. Sierra recommended I put Lenni on first.
The second she was on, I felt like myself for the first time in this whole process. I felt like an actress in the golden age of Hollywood, dressing for the Oscar she knew she’d be getting. When the curtain was drawn back I struck a dramatic pose and walked confidently out to show my mother and sister in law. They were speechless. I was speechless, we were all speechless. No dress after her stood a chance.
Lenni is a truly stunning gown that stops anyone in their tracks. But what made Lenni the one was the way it made me FEEL. For the first honest time ever, I loved my curves. I loved how the dress hugged every part of me and showed off what I had kept hidden for so long, something worth celebrating.
Bonus fact: I ended up taking Lenni all the way to Greece on our honeymoon! I spent an evening strolling around, leaving a sequined trail in Mykonos. Luke took some pictures and we had fun getting some extra use out of our wedding attire.”

We are thrilled to share these stunning photos with you today. Britt is a total Hollywood goddess in our Lenni gown. Congrats to the newlyweds!!



THEIA Style: Lenni

Photography: Jennifer See Studios

Venue: Century Barn 

Florals: Kathy Holford, Flowerz Design

Bridal Boutique: The Modern Bride